rene moreno

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René Moreno takes his audience on a musical trip 
through a variety of South American sounds.
He ties together reggae, pop, and Latino rhythms,
and mixes the styles together to create both quiet
and lively songs that are contagious with joy and
Music is his religion and he practices it devoutly,
spurred on by his desire to spread music all over
the world. His rhythms and lyrics affect the hearts
and feet of the listeners which inevitably ignites
the audience into dance.

René was born in April 1974, and has played music
as long as he can remember.
Beginning in a Peruvian band called "Cross,” other
projects followed in Peru and Germany. By the age
of 17 he began his career as an independent

René’s influences include Damien Rice, David Gray,
Rio Pilgrim, Chabuca Granda, Silvio Rodrigues,
Bob Marley. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Yes,
Ton Steine Scherben, King Crimson, Bruce Lee,
Dschelalladin Rumi, Erich Fried, Michelangelo, Machete,
Oscar Wilde and Khalil Gibran.
René’s current lineup includes Michael Bresser,
Armin Sebald, Levent Tunca on percussions,
Jens Gruschka on keyboards, & Diego Iriarte on
2010 was a busy year of performances for the band in
the Frankfurt area nightlife. Notable shows include
headlining at Batschkapp during the Mainova Home
Match, the ONE RACE HUMAN African/Caribbean Festival
in Aschaffenburg and the Radio X stage for the
Frankfurt Main Shore Party.

With lyrics in German, English and Spanish, René Moreno
is a cool mixture of reggae, Latin, radio and pop music
that keeps the crowd moving.