toni spearman

toni spearman, was born 05 december in Greenwood, South Carolina and grew up on Long Island, New York, where she lived with an aunt and uncle.
Toni Spearman comes from a middle class family, Toni's father was a Police Officer and mother is a retired Tailor, Toni has one brother who's a well known Bishop.

Toni, played saxophone, in the High School Band and singed in the gospel chor at church, but as child she always listen to Blues Radio Stations. After High School Toni entered New York City Collage and studied music.
Doing that time Toni met a few musicians that played in a blues band, the bass player James Ross, asked Toni to come with them one friday night to a blues club on Long Island, called Highway Inn, where Toni sanged her first blues song to a live public. After the show the bass player asked Toni if she would like to come back on friday and saturday nights to sing, - Toni told him she didn't think she would be able to come every friday and saturday because if her family found out she was singing in a blues club, it would be big trouble for her. Because her family are church people, Grandfather was a Bishop and fathers brother was a Reverend so it wouldn't be easy.

After a few years of singing of and on with the band from the Highway Inn, Toni wanted to continue goin to school, but after not having enough money to pay the rest of her way though collage Toni jointed the US Army, so she could go to school. After taking the test, Toni told the tester she would like to like to go up state New York to play in the Army Band a few days later. Toni was called my Sgt.Campbell and was told after she finished basic training, she would be going to the Military Police School, and after finishing Police School she could go to night collage to continue her music.

Toni, finished Police School, and was send to Germany to work as a Military Police Officer, doing that time. Toni became awards from The Military Police Association 'The Army Commendation Medal' - an award from the 'Bavarian Police Association' for her work with the German Police and Co-Worker from the Military Police in saving the lives of a family in burning house.

But Toni heart was her music on her weekends off she would get together with people the played music and played blues. When her time in Germany was finished, Toni was told by her first Sgt. she would be gettin orders to go to Thailand.
Toni said: "Thailand? - thats nothing for me!" and told her first Sgt. she didn't want to re-sign a contract because her music mean more to her.

Toni, got out of Military in New Jersey, went to South Caroline and started singing blues again, and when she told her father she was going to sing blues.
He told her not to let family or anyone talk her out of what she wanted to make out of her life.

The frist band that Toni singed with in Europe, was the REDEYED BLUES BAND, the Hans Engel heard Toni sing while sitting in with a band in Munich, Germany in a club called JUKE BOX, after she was finished Hans Engel asked Toni if she had a band or was singing in someone's band, when Toni said no, Hans then told her, he and some of his friends were putting a band together and was looking for a female singer and ask Toni to meet them in a Cafe the next evening.

Toni met with the band and Hans asked Toni if she would like to sing with their band and asked if she played any instruments, Toni told him that she played saxophone, Tim the saxs player said "Thank God'' two saxs players, - great after it was clare that Toni would become a member of the band. Tim, said we need a name for our band. Hans and Tim had redeyes from few beers and smoke in the cafe, Toni looked at them and said you guys have "redeyes". Hans said thats it, the band name is Redeyed Blues Band.
The next week after rehearsel Hans Engel said: "There's a Blues Club here in Munich called "Das Grüne Eck", - let's pack everything in our cars and go to this club, so we are into the club, - Hans asked the Club owner, who's name was ANDY, and asked if the band could setup and play. It was a beautiful sommer day, there lots of people sitting out side and the club owner said, yes why not!!
So Toni and the guys setup and begain to play some real hot Chicago Blues. The first song was ''Hoochie Coochie Woman'' from ''KOKO TAYLOR''. At this time, Toni never dreamed that she would be on stage with Big name People, - when the people heard the band they came inside, the band played about 3hrs.

When The Redeyed Blues Band was finished, a LITTLE GREEK GUY, took of his hat and went to everyone and asked for tipps the band and each member of the band became 50 DM. Andy liked the band what he liked most of all, was Toni's (DEEP VOICE)! He asked Toni: "Has anyone ever told you, you sound like KOKO TAYLOR?" Toni said - no ANDY - then he said: "Keep up the good work, I know you are going to be a well known blues singer one day", and asked the band to play at the club for his New Year's Party.
Later people would go to the club and ask Andy when Toni was comming back to play at "The Eck''. Andy called Hans Engel and asked if the band could play once a month and they did our of friendship to Andy, more and more clubs and the new paper begain to hear the name Redeyed Blues Band.

Toni had been with the band about three years, when one friday night, Toni and the band played in the "Grüne's Eck" at a Blues Night Festival, with about three or four other bands.
When the harp player "Blues Harp Slim'' from the "William's Wetsox'' said to Toni if she would come to their rehearsel room and listen to their band, and then he asked, if he could pick her up the next day. Toni said she had to thank about it. One hour later, before the festival was over, he asked Toni again, if she had made up her mind. Toni said ok the next day.
Toni went to listen to the band and liked it. She told William she would sing with his band, but had to do the rest of the gigs that she had with the other band, and the Wetsox felt that was fair. So William said he would be doing german texts with William's Wetsox. With Toni, the band would be named "Toni Spearman & The Wetsox"; from that day on it was Toni Spearman & The Wetsox - as time went on, Toni and the Wetsox became more known though out southen german the media kept hearing about Toni Spearman & The Wetsox. Four month later, Toni recorded the album ROCK WITH MAMA.

Late one evening, Toni got a call, Bayen 3 TV, and was asked to play on GEORGE'S ROCK HOUSE.
Toni and The Wetsox did the show on friday the show went over so good until the show they had the next day in a club called "Village'' in Oberland in Bayen, which is the home of the Wetsox, was so sold out until, the fans were standin on the out side of the club in the cold to hear the band. This was the begining of something new for the band. William setup a tour for the band.
Toni Spearman & The Wetsox played in every big city that William could setup for the band. Almost a year gone by and one they Slim, -the harp player, Groover, -Git player, Bimbo, -the Bass Player said: "do guys know we haven't played in Munich in a year". A month later the band came to Munich and sold out three days in a club called "Kaffee Gresen". Two months later Toni got a called from a friend of her's George Green a super blues drummer, who was giging in a clubs called "Suzi", in Munich. George asked Toni to come to the club to where he was giging because he wanted her to meet someone from Chicago.

Toni, went to see George Green, and while she was sitting enjoying to the singer, that Geroge had, when the singer finished singing, he called Toni on stage and said to the people let's welcome Blues Lady Toni Spearman, to the stage, Toni went on stage and did a song called "Mr. Blues''. Toni said she didn't know the song. The singer told her, to use her own words and she did, - the song went over real good.

On the break George Green said to Toni: "I would like for you to meet ARON BURTON, the bass player from Albert Collins", -well Toni almost fell out on the floor-, she couldn't belive,- she was just on stage with Aron Burton.

Aron ask Toni to have lunch with him and George the next day, so he could talk with her about the blues, doing the time with Aron on that day. Toni said, she learned more about the blues in that one day, then she had ever dream off.

One day later Aron Burton, called Toni and asked Toni if she wanted to go with him to Wien (Vienna), for an interview with "Blues Life''. Toni asked if he thought it was ok for her to be with him on his interview? Aron told her the next day, they were going to Wien. Toni went with Aron Burton to the interview and this was when Toni met Fritz Svacina (Freddie Snack). Aron told Fritz that Toni was a blues singer, Fritz said to Aron -'that was good'- and he would do an intervew with Toni. Fritz asked Toni if she knew Luther Allison, Toni said she liked and listen to his music but has never met Luther Allison, person to person. Fritz told Toni, Luther was comming to him a few days later for an interview.

The next weekend Toni and The Wetsox, was playing as an open act at a big blues festival in Munich, Aron told Toni he would be there too. The night of the festival, Aron introduced Toni, to Luther Allison, Jack Dupree and Louisana Red. After the show Aron Burton, Luther Allison and Louisanna Red, went to Toni's Apartment and sat up the rest and talk about the blues.
Doing the time when they were talking Luther Allison, asked Toni if she ever played in Switzland? - and Toni said no, then he said: "Aron why don't you take Toni with you on your tour to Switzerland".
Aron asked Toni, if she would like to go on the tour and she said yes. Aron told Toni to take her guitarplayer because he knows her songs. Toni called William the next day and asked if he would like to go on this tour - and he said yes, with Aron Burton, who would say no to that chance. After Aron's tour was finished before he returned to Chicago. Aron setup a tour in Switzerland for Toni and when Toni asked the band, they didn't want to because some or the band memebers had day jobs.

Aron told Toni to put her own tour band together, - so Toni called Roykey Wyhd, a great guitarplayer and Roykey got Alfonso Grums on Drums, Eddie Taylor on saxophone, Nad Carlos Manbelle on bass. Aron told Toni give the band your own name
"toni spearman band" because one monkey don't stop no show. Toni and her band was so HOT while on the tour. Toni asked to do make the tour a few days longer to do a live radio show in Geneva, Switzerland and in Lugano. The promoter from Toni, he heard so much from her band he drove to Switzerland to ask her to come to Lugano at the end of her swiss tour. While in Geneva, the radio did a live recording with Toni Spearman Band.
After the tour Toni stayed with her band.